Ingredients for professional results

Marper Company has a long tradition in Food, begun in 1992. From 20 years, Marper selects top quality products for Food Market, manages their direct sale and their distribution. At the same time, Marper is a “Creativity workshop”: a meeting-place where updatings and consulences are offered, and where the quality of products is demonstrated by practical proofs. This laboratory proves the modern philosophy of the Company and a new attention toward the costumer.

Bread Making

malts, flour and mixes, yeast and improvement, butter, lard, fats and oils, fresh milk and dairy fresh, milk powder, cream, pasteurized egg and nuts, fresh egg pasta, salt, oil seeds and spices, chopped tomatoes, vegetable oil, sliced in a bag, dry bakery, frozen

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Pastry Making

butter, margarines, fats and oils, starch, starches, yeast, flour and mixes, pasteurized egg and nuts, milk, cream, sugar, adjuvants, pure chocolate, substitutes, herbs, food colours, decorations, dried fruit, and syrup candied, jams, jellies, creme hydrated and anhydrous, marsala, bagne, paste concentrate, frozen fruit puree, other frozen products

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Ice Cream Shop

bases, sugar, milk powder, dried fruit, and syrup candied, frozen fruit puree, paste concentrate, syrups, decorations, coni, waffles and ice cream cake

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Marper has a great position in relation to the main streets. It is settled near the Valerio Catullo Airport of Villafranca di Verona and it is well served by the A22 and the A4 highway. It is also linked to the SS62 provincial road.